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You decide to put away the inspection lot, apart from the sample quantity, in the WM-managed warehouse, before you have made the usage decision in Quality Management (QM). The inspection sample quantity is not destroyed during the inspection and is also to be placed into stock after the inspection.


You use the application component Quality Management (QM).

You have set the indicator Dyn. Bin material doc for the selected requirement type in the Customizing for Warehouse Management under Activities ® Transfers ® Define Requirement Types.

Process Flow

  1. You post the goods receipt of the purchase order in the inspection stock (stock category Q) in Inventory Management (MM-IM).
  2. When the goods receipt is posted in MM-IM, a transfer requirement (TR) is created in the Warehouse Management system (WMS). A positive quant is created in the goods receipt interface at the dynamic coordinate "material document number".
  3. The quant in the goods receipt interim storage area has stock category Q.

  4. You create a transfer order (TO) for the putaway based on the transfer requirement.
  5. When creating the TO, you decide what should happen to the sample quantity.
  6. Example

    You decide that the sample quantity of 10 pieces should remain in the goods receipt interim storage area.

  7. The WMS creates the transfer order for the remaining quantity of the inspection lot only. This means that a transfer requirement of 10 pieces (the inspection sample) remains open.
  8. You can use this transfer requirement for putting away the inspection sample following the usage decision.

  9. You make the usage decision in QM, after you have put away the all of the material except the sample quantity.
  10. Example

    You release the total quantity of the inspection lot (100 pieces) to the unrestricted-use stock.

  11. You make a transfer posting of the entire inspection lot in MM-IM, from quality inspection stock (Q) to unrestricted-use stock (blank).
  12. Based on the transfer posting in MM-IM, the system creates a posting change notice in WMS. For more information, see Release from Quality Inspection Stock.
  13. Create a transfer order for the posting change notice in the WMS.
  14. The WMS changes the stock category of the inspection lot quant that has been put away and that of the inspection sample, which is still in the goods receipt interim storage area, from inspection stock to unrestricted-use stock.
  15. Note

    If you activate automatic transfer order creation for the posting change movement type, the WMS creates the posting change TO automatically in the background, based on the usage decision.

    However, the system can only create the posting change TO in the background if you have set the indicator Frgrnd/bckgrnd for sample dialog box to D in the Customizing for Warehouse Management under Interfaces ® Define Quality Management, which defines that the system is to process the inspection sample dialog box in the background.

  16. You create a transfer order in the WMS for putting away the sample quantity. In doing so, you use the transfer requirement for putaway that is still open, with the remaining sample quantity of 10 pieces.

During TO creation, the system transfers the inspection lot number to the corresponding quants.


You have put away the received material before the quality inspection. After the quality inspection, you have put away the sample in WM-managed storage.



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