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Following the quality inspection, you have made the usage decision in Quality Management (QM) to send the entire inspection lot, including the sample, back to the vendor.


At the time when you make the usage decision in QM, the total quantity of the received material for the inspection lot is still in the goods receipt area (GR area).

You have set the indicator Dyn. Bin material doc for the selected requirement type in the Customizing for Warehouse Management under Activities ® Transfers ® Define Requirements Types, in order to set up the dynamic coordinate "material document number" in the goods receipt interface for processing the inspection lot.

Process Flow

  1. You post the goods receipt for the purchase order to the quality inspection stock (stock category Q) in Inventory Management (MM-IM).
  2. When the goods receipt is posted in MM-IM, a transfer requirement is created in the Warehouse Management system (WMS). A positive quant is created in the goods receipt interface at the dynamic coordinate "material document number".
  3. The quant in the goods receipt interim storage area has stock category Q.

  4. The WMS notes the inspection lot number of the material in the quant information.
  5. You make a usage decision in QM.
  6. Example

    You decide to send the total quantity of the material received back to the vendor.

  7. You post a return delivery to the vendor for the material in MM-IM.
  8. Based on the return posting in MM-IM, the WMS creates a negative quant in the goods receipt interim storage area. The WMS cancels the putaway transfer requirement, which was created when the goods receipt was posted for the purchase order.

The system finds the quants and transfer requirements that belong to the inspection lot on the basis of the dynamic coordinate "material document number" in the goods receipt interim storage area.


If you set up the system so that the movement type for return deliveries to the vendor also uses the dynamic coordinate "material document number", the two interim quants in the goods receipt and goods issue interim storage areas balance each other out, and the activity is closed on the WMS side.


Following the quality inspection, and as a result of the usage decision, you have returned the material received to the vendor.




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