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The usage decision that you make in Quality Management (QM), results in various activities in the Warehouse Management system (WMS):

Release from Q stock leads to posting changes

You have decided in QM that the stock from the quality inspection stock can be released.

  1. As a result of the usage decision for the inspection lot in QM, a posting change notice appears is created in the WMS. The system creates two interim quants. For more information, see Releasing Material from Inspection Stock.
  2. You create a transfer order (TO) for the posting change notice in order to make a posting change in the WMS for the material from quality inspection stock to unrestricted-use stock.

During TO creation, the system automatically selects all of the quants for the inspection lot in question, regardless of where the quants are in the warehouse.

If a transfer requirement (TR) exists for one of the quants (for example, if the inspection lot is still in the goods receipt interim storage area), the system changes the material data in the TR according to the posting change notice, and changes the stock qualification in the TR from Q to free. The TR remains open, so that you can process it later.


The posting change notice for the usage decision contains the inspection lot number. You can implement automatic TO creation in order to make a posting change for the total quantity of the material, since the system determines all of the quants for the inspection lot number.

If you only make posting changes for some of the material, the system cannot decide which quants a posting change should be made for. Automatic TO creation is therefore not possible in this case.

If the system finds less quants for the inspection lot number in the warehouse than the number for which a posting change has to be made, then automatic TO creation is not possible. Instead, the system proposes the following quants for posting change:

Consumption posting leads to stock removal

In the usage decision, you have decided:

  1. Based on the usage decision for the inspection lot, a transfer requirement for stock removal is created in the WMS. The system creates a negative quant in the goods issue interim storage area.

If you have not yet processed the transfer requirement for putting away the inspection lot, that was created when the material was received, the WMS reduces this TR by the quantity of the material that is to be removed from storage.


The system does not create a transfer requirement for stock removal if the interim storage bins of the transfer requirement to be created and those of the TR to be cancelled are the same.

  1. You create the stock removal TO in order to remove the material from storage.

Destructive inspection leads to the sample quantity being booked out of the work center automatically

If you make the usage decision "goods issue to inspection sample" or "return to vendor", you can automatically book out the sample quantities if they are in the work center or still in the goods receipt area.

The system removes the corresponding quantity directly from the usage decision and does not create a new transfer requirement in the WMS.

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