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If you use Quality Management (QM), you make a usage decision for the inspection lot following a quality inspection of the material received.

If you make the usage decision in QM before the material is put away, you handle the transfer requirements (TRs) differently in the Warehouse Management system (WMS) than if you have not yet made the usage decision in QM.


You have set up the WM-QM interface in the Customizing for Warehouse Management under Interfaces ® Define Quality Management ® Activate QM Interim Storage Type Search.

Process Flow

  1. You post the goods receipt for the received material in Inventory Management (MM-IM).
  2. After the goods receipt, you create an inspection lot in QM to be able to follow the material stock throughout the entire goods receipt process from the point of view of quality inspection. Based on the inspection lot, you define the quantity that is to be retained as a sample quantity.
  3. The received material is part of quality stock (Q) until you make the usage decision in QM.

  4. When the goods receipt is posted in Inventory Management (MM-IM), a transfer requirement (TR) is created in WMS for the putaway of the QM relevant material that has been received.
  5. A positive quant is formed in the goods receipt area (GR area). The system makes a note of the storage bin of the material that is to be put away in the corresponding inspection lot.

    The system makes a records the inspection lot number in the quant data and in the transfer requirement of the material that is to be put away.

    You get back a sample quantity of the received material for the quality inspection via QM.

  6. You create a transfer order (TO) for the putaway based on the TR.

The Usage Decision in QM...


...has already been made

You create a TO for putaway as though no inspection lot exists.

The TR contains no entries on the inspection lot.

See also:

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...has not yet been made

The system opens a dialog box during TO creation with the predefined sample quantity. For more information, see Putaway Before Usage Decision.


  1. The system triggers stock removal or stock transfer of the received material on the basis of the usage decision.

For more information, see Effect of the Usage Decision.

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