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The interface between the Warehouse Management system (WMS) and Quality Management (QM) allows you to manage and monitor inspection lots that are stored in the warehouse.


You use the Warehouse Management system (WMS) and Quality Management (QM).

You have set up the WM-QM interface in the Customizing for Warehouse Management under Interfaces ® Define Quality Management ® Define Storage Type Search.


Note that the system creates new inspection lots for each goods receipt or partial goods receipt. To ensure that quants with different inspection lot numbers are not mixed in the WMS, set the indicator Dyn. bin material doc for the selected requirement category in the Customizing for Warehouse Management under Activities ® Transfers ® Define Requirement Types. The system creates a dynamic storage bin "material document number" for the material in the goods receipt interim storage area.


Managing and Monitoring Inspection Lots in the Warehouse

The interface between the WMS and QM not only affects the goods receipt process, but also the transfer of goods and the transfer of QM relevant materials in the warehouse.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

For additional information see Putting Away QM Relevant Material and Release From Quality Inspection Stock.

Immediate Transfer Order Creation

You can employ immediate transfer order creation for all QM relevant goods movements in the WMS if you have made the necessary settings for processing the sample quantity in the Customizing for Warehouse Management under Interfaces ® Define Quality Management ® Define Inspection Sample Control.

Based on the inspection lot number, the system automatically determines the quants that are affected by a stock transfer or stock removal resulting from a usage decision. For more information, see Effect of the Usage Decision.

Immediate Posting of Sample Quantities

A usage decision for a sample in QM triggers corresponding posting activities in Inventory Management (MM-IM), which relate directly to the sample.


If the quality inspection is destructive, post a goods issue for the sample in MM-IM.

If the goods are defective, you should, for example, return the goods to the vendor.

If the sample is in the goods receipt interim storage area or in the work center, this storage bin is noted in the inspection lot. The posting in Inventory Management refers directly to this storage bin and cancels any transfer requests for that inspection lot that are still open. No further steps are necessary in the WMS.

Processing Partial Goods Receipts

When QM relevant material is put away, the WMS records the information on the inspection stock in the quant. Every time there is a partial goods receipt for QM relevant material in Inventory Management, you create a new inspection lot in QM.

If you put away this material in the WMS, you must separate the individual quants from the various partial goods receipts so that you can differentiate between the various inspection lot numbers in the WMS. This is the only way the WMS can automatically select the correct quants for stock transfers as a result of a usage decision.


The inspection lot is not a stock-dividing characteristic in the WMS. If you store stocks that are of the same material but from different inspection lots in the same storage bin, the information on the inspection lot that has been added to stock is lost.

Therefore, for partial goods receipts with QM relevant material, use the dynamic coordinate "material document number" in the goods receipt interim storage type, in order to divide otherwise identical quants from each other with different inspection lot numbers.

Skip Lot Procedure

If you want to do without the quality inspection of a material, because the quality of the material has been good in the past, and therefore want to post the stock as a skip lot in QM, the material does not have the stock category Q and is freely available, even before you have made the usage decision.


Note that you can also post a goods issue for a material in skip lot stock before you have made a usage decision in QM.



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