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In the Warehouse Management system (WMS), you can select deliveries or transfer requirements according to various criteria for multiple processing. For more information, see Creating a Group.

If you want to make selections, which deviate from the standard, and you want this selection to be executed in the background, create a user-defined report. You can use report RLSAMM01 as a sample report for user-defined selection of deliveries for multiple processing, and base your own selection report on it. You define the criteria according to which the system is to assign the deliveries to group numbers.


The structure of the sample report is divided into several steps. These are indicated accordingly in the source text. Using this structure, you can create your own report more easily.


The system creates the WM group with the function module L_REF_CREATE, by using this function module to assign the delivery to the group. This function module is also provided for external use.

For additional information, see the system documentation for report RLSAMM01.



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