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To process deliveries or transfer requirements collectively, you first group the documents together.


There are open transfer requirements, outbound deliveries relevant for picking, or inbound deliveries relevant for putaway, which you can group together for multiple processing.


If you want to assign several transfer requirements or deliveries to one group number in order to process them collectively, choose Logistics ® Logistics Execution ® Outbound Processes from the SAP menu.


Menu Path

What You Should Know

Selection of outbound deliveries for multiple processing

Goods Issue for Outbound Delivery ® Picking ® Wave Picks ® Create ® Via Outbound Delivery Monitor

If you set the indicator Exclude existing groups in WM, the system excludes all deliveries from the selection, which are already assigned to a WM group.

To group the outbound deliveries together, choose Subsequent functions ® Group ® Create with WM reference. In this case, the system creates a picking group in Shipping and a WM group.


You can create transfer orders for the outbound deliveries to be picked, without having first made a group assignment.

Selection of transfer requirements for multiple processing

Goods Issue for Other Transactions ® Picking ® Group of Transfer Requirements® Create

To select open transfer requirement items for a movement type, select the line(s) with the relevant movements types and choose the # Adopt open TRs pushbutton.

If you enter values manually in the column Selectd, the system selects open transfer requirement items for the respective movement types.

To assign the selected transfer requirements to a group choose Group ® Assign or Group ® Assign and start.



You can either specify an external group number or you can allow the system to assign a group number internally. You can find more information in the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Shipping under Picking ® Wave Picks ® Define Number Range for Group

If you enter an external group number, the system checks whether the group number you have entered is allowed. The external group number is not allowed if:


To ensure that the system uses the same group number for the picking group and the WM group during creation of a group for outbound deliveries, define the corresponding number ranges so that they do not overlap.

In order to create transfer orders immediately, choose Goto ® Start multiple proc..

To delete a group, choose Group ® Delete. You can then assign the corresponding entries to a new group.

You can create the relevant transfer orders later. For more information, see Creating Transfer Orders.


You have selected outbound deliveries or transfer requirements for multiple processing and grouped them together.



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