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From Production

  1. Choose Logistics ® Production ® Production Control ® Order ® Change in the SAP menu.
  2. Enter the required data.
  3. Choose Enter.
  4. From the Production Order Change screen, choose Functions ® WM material staging ® Proceed.

Or choose Goto ® WM pick list ® Execute from the Production Order Change screen.

From the Warehouse

To create transfer requirements for staging, choose Logistics ® Logistics Execution ® Outbound Process ® Goods Issue for Other Transactions® Prepare Production Supply, from the SAP menu, and then:

Material Staging Type

Menu Path

What You Should Know

Pick parts

® For Order

When you stage pick parts manually, you can process smaller quantities and percentages of a production order on the basis of individual work center requirements.

Crate parts

® For Crate Parts


Release order parts

® For Release Order Parts

You can display all of the production orders, for which the selected material is required in the production supply area.



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