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You define production storage bins in the production supply area. You stage materials for production in these storage bins.


For each material and control cycle you define a production storage bin, in which the corresponding material is to be staged for production.

You define the production storage bin as a storage bin that you create and manage with the Warehouse Management system (WMS). You can use both physical and dynamic storage bins as production storage bins.


You create the dynamic storage bin "production order" in the control cycle for pick parts. The system then stages all the materials for a specific production order in a dynamic storage bin with this production order number.


The WM-PP interface ensures that materials are staged for production in predefined production storage bins. In doing so, the system executes all stock postings at production storage bin level.


To avoid stock differences during goods issue posting for material consumption in Inventory Management (MM-IM), you must only remove the material for production from the predefined production storage bins.



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