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The production supply area exists directly in the production area. You stage the material in the production supply area in productions storage bins, so that it can be removed directly for production.

The production supply area groups together work centers near to production storage bins, taking the material staging type into consideration.


You create the production supply area per plant and storage location in the Customizing for Warehouse Management under Interfaces ® Define Production ® Production Supply Area ® Maintain. You group together the work centers under supply areas, based on the work center master data. To control material staging you define the supply area in the BOM or the material master of the component.

During production supply area determination, the system takes the supply area from the work center master data during production supply area determination. If no information on the supply area is available there, the system first searches in the BOM and then in the material master for the source supply area.

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If you have assigned a material to several supply areas within the same storage location, the system displays all of the material stocks in the assigned supply areas in the stock overview for the storage location.



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