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Material that you request from the warehouse in production during material staging for several orders. Unlike for crate parts, the quantity to be staged is not predefined in the system; you request the quantity of a release order part manually.

In doing so, you group together the individual requirements of a production supply area and compare this with the quantity available (stock available in production and replenishments that have already been initiated).


You stage materials using release order parts primarily for repetitive manufacturing, because this generally works without any reference to an order.

In the standard system, you always request release order parts manually if you determine in production that a production storage bin for a release order part is almost empty.

To trigger material staging for a release order part, choose in the SAP menu:

Trigger staging

Menu path

from the application component Production Planning

Logistics ® Production ® Production Control ® Goods Movement ® WM Material Staging ® For Release Order Part

from the application component Warehouse Management

Logistics ® Logistics Execution ® Outbound Process ® Goods Issue for Other Transactions ® Prepare Production Supply ® For Release Order Part

You get an overview of all the production orders that have been released, the stock situation of the material in the production storage bin, and the stock situation of the material in the WM-managed warehouse, from which the staging quantities are removed.

You request the quantity of release order parts you want based on this information. For more information, see Material Staging for Repetitive Manufacturing.


For crate parts, you cannot define dynamic storage bin coordinates as requirement tracking numbers in the transfer requirement for material staging. In this case, the production supply area serves as the requirement tracking number.



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