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If you post a goods issue (GI) in Inventory Management (MM-IM), the accounts-based GI posting precedes the actual physical goods issue from the warehouse.

The Warehouse Management system (WMS) creates one or more transfer requirements (TRs) for goods issue posting via the integrated interface to Inventory Management (MM-IM). The transfer requirement sends a request to WMS to remove the goods from storage.


You have activated the interface between the WMS and MM-IM in the Customizing for Warehouse Management under Interfaces ® Inventory Management.

You have assigned a corresponding WMS movement type to every IM movement type that is relevant for WMS in the Customizing for Warehouse Management under Activities ® Transfers ® Define Movement Types . For more information, see Movement Types in WM.

You have defined a picking strategy in the Customizing for Warehouse Management under Strategies ® Picking Strategies.

Process Flow

  1. You post a goods issue in Inventory Management.
  2. During GI posting, a negative quant is formed in IM in the goods issue interim storage area of the warehouse via the interface to Inventory Management.
  3. According to the Customizing settings for the interface, the WMS automatically creates a transfer requirement.
  4. On the basis of the TR, you create a transfer order (TO) for removing the goods from storage in the warehouse. For more information, see Creating Transfer Orders.
  5. Using a predetermined picking strategy, the system searches for storage bins from which the material is to be picked.

  6. A print out of the TO serves as a picking document when removing goods from the source storage bin that has been determined, to the goods issue interim storage area.
  7. You can find more information on printing TOs under Printing Transfer Orders and Labels.

  8. By confirming the transfer order, you confirm that the goods have been brought to the goods issue interim storage area.

In doing so, you record any stock differences between the required quantity and the picked quantity.


The goods issue process is complete both accounts-based and physically.



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