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During the confirmation of a transfer order, a difference can occur between the required quantity and the available quantity of a material.


According to a transfer order for an outbound delivery, you are to pick 50 pieces of material MAT-01 from storage bin 02-03-44. However, you only find 45 pieces of the material in the storage bin. You confirm the transfer order with a difference of 5 pieces.


You have assigned the difference indicator for storage bins in the Customizing for Warehouse Management under Activities ® Confirmation. In doing so, you have defined in which storage type and storage bin the system should post the stock difference.

If you want to allow Structure linkpartial delivery, you have set the corresponding indicator in the Shipping component (LE-SHP).

Process Flow

  1. When removing the material from stock, you pick less of the material than is planned in the relevant transfer order.
  2. You record the quantity difference in the transfer order item by entering the quantity you have actually picked.
  3. The system determines the difference between the target pick quantity and the actual pick quantity.
  4. You confirm the transfer order item difference.
  5. The system updates the quantity to be picked in the outbound delivery.
  6. The SD picking status is B. The material has been partially picked.

    The WM activity status is C. The transfer order has been confirmed.

  7. You decide how to proceed:

You decide


to execute a further pick for the outbound delivery

You create an additional transfer order based on the outbound delivery.

After you have confirmed the additional transfer order for the outbound delivery, picking for the outbound delivery is complete.

that the customer is to receive a partial delivery.

You process the outbound delivery as a partial delivery and create an additional outbound delivery for the outstanding material.


If you have not allowed partial picking for the source outbound delivery, you must cancel the relevant transfer order that you were unable to fulfill.


Picking for the outbound delivery is complete. You can post the goods issue for the outbound delivery.

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