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Goods issue from the Warehouse Management system (WMS) is the physical issue of goods or materials from the warehouse. Goods issue posting results in a decrease in stock in the warehouse.

In WMS, you post a goods issue for the following business transactions:


Goods issue in the Warehouse Management system can be triggered by several business transactions in various components of the SAP System on the basis of reference documents.

Reference Documents for Goods Issue in the WMS

Application Component

Relevant WMS Document

Inventory Management (MM-IM)

Transfer Requirement

Production Planning (PP-SFC)

Transfer Requirement

Shipping (LE-SHP)

Outbound Delivery


The availability check for goods issue occurs at feeder component level. WMS does not execute an independent availability check, but rather has a purely executive function.


The data in the reference documents for the goods issue in the WMS is complete.


Goods issue in WMS maps the physical removal of materials from the warehouse:

You pick goods for outbound deliveries, which you have created in shipping for sales orders. You create transfer orders for picking on the basis of the outbound delivery.

See WM-PP Interface.

If you post a goods issue in Inventory Management, the system creates a transfer request as a request to pick goods from the warehouse. You create a transfer order on the basis of the basis of the transfer request and remove the goods from storage.

The WMS is seamlessly integrated with the feeder application components that can trigger goods issue. You can therefore automatically trigger goods issue processing from within the WMS if you have configured your system accordingly in the Customizing for Warehouse Management. The transfer order serves as the central document with which you can map all warehouse movements in the system.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

You can trigger picking of goods in the WMS automatically in Shipping (LE-SHP) when you create an outbound delivery. In this case the system creates one or more transfer order items for each item in the outbound delivery.

The system automatically transfers the information to the outbound delivery via the picking status, so that the latest data on the processing status is available. As soon as you have confirmed the transfer order in the WMS, the system transfers the pick quantities directly to the corresponding items in the outbound delivery.

Regardless of how you organize stock removal in your company, you can set up the system so that stock removal activities occur:

Using Lean WM

You use simplified functions of the Warehouse Management system (WMS) in simply structured fixed storage bins without Inventory Management at storage bin level.

Using Handling Unit Management

You can find more information on goods issue processes with handling units under Structure linkHandling Units in the Warehouse and Structure linkGoods Issue and Stock Picking.



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