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When addition to existing stock has been defined for a storage type, the system places goods in storage bins that already contain the same material. When you create the transfer order for the putaway, the system uses the storage type record to determine whether the particular putaway strategy or the indicator in the material master allows additional stock.


Define that addition to existing stock is allowed for the desired storage type.

  1. Define the storage types in the IMG under Logistics Execution ® Warehouse Management ® Master Data ® Define Storage Type.
  2. Select the storage type you want and choose Goto ® Details.
    1. If you want to allow addition to existing stock generally, enter X in the Addn to stock field.
    2. If you want to allow addition to existing stock according to the settings in the material master, enter M in the Addn to stock field.


If you want to allow addition to existing stock in a storage type according to the indicator in the material master, set the Allow addn to stock indicator for the relevant material in the material master.

          1. To do this, choose Logistics ® Logistics Execution ® Master Data ® Material ® Change ® Immediately in the SAP menu, if you want to change a material which already exists.
          2. Enter the desired material.
          3. Choose the Warehouse Management 1 view.
          4. Enter the plant, warehouse number, and storage type for the material.
          5. Set the allow addn stock indicator in the Storage strategies area.


  1. If additional stock is allowed, choose Goto ® Add to existing stock in the preparation screen to display the information about the storage bins in which the material is already being stored. This screen shows the storage type and storage bin, total stock in the storage bin and the remaining available capacity.
  1. On the add to additional stock screen, you can select one or more storage bins, in which you want to store the material.

To create the transfer order item, choose either Edit ® For stock placement ® Foreground or Edit ® For stock removal ® Background.

If the strategy for the storage type is set for addition to existing stock, the system automatically selects the appropriate storage bin.

  1. Once you have created the transfer order item, choose Transfer order ® Post from the preparation screen to save the transfer order to the database.



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