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The following example demonstrates palletization for stock putaway:

Material O2 can be delivered on Europallets (storage unit type EP) or on industrial pallets (storage unit type IP). Each industrial pallet holds 40 pieces; a Europallet holds 20 pieces. You have stored this information in the material master of material O2.

Process Flow

  1. You receive a delivery of 200 pieces of material O2.
  2. You post the goods receipt of the delivery in Inventory Management.
  3. The system creates a transfer order for putaway.
  4. You display all transfer requests (TRs) for material O2.
  5. You choose the TR for which you want to create a transfer order (TO) from the list of transfer requests.
  6. In the palletization section of the preparation screen for the transfer order, the system automatically proposes five industrial pallets of 40 pieces. This proposal is based on the storage unit type in the material master record.
  7. Palletization



    Qty per Storage Unit











  8. Save your entries.
  9. The system creates the TO for putaway with the palletization data.



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