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For goods that are delivered from an external supplier or from internal production, you can first of all post them to inspection stock. Goods that you have posted to inspection stock do not belong to unrestricted stock and are not available for stock removal.


When posting the goods receipt in Inventory Management (MM-IM), the quality check indicator is set on the item screen for the stock type. This means that the quant, which is created in the interim storage area, and the transfer requirements (TR) for putaway in WMS receive the stock category Q (inspection stock).

To make sure that the inspection stock indicator is always set, you have defined it in the material master or set it when creating the order.

Process Flow

Receiving Material into Inspection Stock

  1. You post a goods receipt for the purchase order.
  2. A quant with dynamic coordinates and stock category Q is created in the goods receipt interim storage area of WMS for the material received.
  3. The system creates a transfer requirement (TR) with stock category Q.
  4. You create a transfer order in WMS for putting away the material on the basis of the TR.
  5. You put the material away in the warehouse and confirm the transfer requirement.


You have put away the material. However, although the material is in the warehouse, you cannot remove it from stock because it is part of the quality inspection stock with stock category Q.

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