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You can set up your system so that transfer orders are created immediately in the background when you post material documents in the Inventory Management component.


You have set up automatic transfer order creation in the system. You have assigned mail message recipients separately for each movement type.

You can define these settings in Customizing for Warehouse Management under Interfaces ® Inventory Management ® Define Movement Types ® LE-WM Interface inventory management in the TR Create transf. requirement field.


You create material documents in Inventory Management (IM) as usual. The Warehouse Management system (WMS) then creates the relevant transfer requirements and posting change notices automatically if this function is included in the relevant WM movement type.

If the following conditions are met, the system immediately creates a transfer order for a material posting in Inventory Management (MM-IM)

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

When you post a material document in IM, and movement types both "with" and "without" automatic transfer order creation exist in that document, the system does not start the automatic transfer order creation program. Instead, it goes directly to the screen for creating a transfer order for a material document.


If the system does not create a transfer order automatically, even though you have set the indicator for Automatic TO creation in the transport requirements header you should set up your system so that it sends a mail message to a user in cases like these. The user can then process the error from within the message.


If direct transfer order creation is not possible, you have to create the transfer order for the material document manually.




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