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A goods receipt in the Warehouse Management system (WMS) is the physical inbound movement of goods or materials into the warehouse. It is a goods movement that is used to post goods received from external vendors or from in-plant production. All goods receipts result in an increase of stock in the warehouse.


A goods receipt in the WMS can be triggered by several business transactions in various components of the SAP system. The corresponding reference document in the WMS triggers the goods receipt:

Reference documents for goods receipt in the WMS

Application Component

Relevant WMS Document

Inventory Management (MM-IM)

Transfer requirement

Production Planning (PP-SFC)

Transfer requirement

Decentralized Warehouse Management (LE-IDW)

Inbound delivery


The data in the reference documents for the goods issue in the WMS is complete.


You have the following possibilities for goods receipt posting:

If you use the decentralized Warehouse Management system or Handling Unit Management, the data necessary for creating the transfer orders is transferred from the inbound delivery. You can decide whether you want to post the goods receipt before or after the putaway.

If you want to post the goods receipt for unpackaged materials, the goods receipt is first posted in Inventory Management, from which the Warehouse Management system generates a transfer requirement. Typical processes for this are, for example:

In this case, you put away the goods first by creating a transfer order in the WMS and not posting the goods receipt until later.



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