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You can use this function to assign transfer orders to a worker in the warehouse and enter the actual time that was required to process them.

You can use actual data for the following purposes:

You can assign transfer orders to a worker (personnel number) for processing.

The actual processing data can be compared with the planned data.


If you use the actual data as a basis for determining incentive wages (for pickers, for example), the actual data is transferred to the Human Resources (HR) component along with the planned data. The system transmits this data using report RLT1HR00. The worker and the target time (planned time) are mandatory input for incentive wage calculation in HR.

We recommend that you run this report as a background job at regular intervals (once daily, for example).

You can also transmit this data manually by choosing Environment ® External systems ® Performance data to HR.


If data errors occurred during the last batch run, you can start this function manually to transfer the corrected data to HR.


Before you can use the actual data, you must make several settings in Customizing. For more information, see Activities ® Transfers ® Processing Performance Data/TO Split in the Warehouse Management section of the Implementation Guide (IMG).


You can enter the following actual data in the transfer order header.

The actual duration is the net duration of time that is required to process a transfer order.

You can enter the start and end time points or the actual duration into the system. You can also omit these entirely.

This code provides information entered by the worker about the processing of a transfer order. This code is linked to a long text. It can be used to explain why the processing of a transfer order took longer than expected. It must be entered if the actual time required to process a transfer order exceeds a predefined limit.


Examples that could be used in the TO processing comment code fields may include:



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