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Planned workload data with respect to a transfer order refers to the calculation of the expected or target time that is required to carry out a movement in the warehouse. This is referred to as the planned processing time for a transfer order.


This task can be used for the following purposes:

When combined with the actual data, the planned processing data provides a basis for the evaluation of the overall workload in the warehouse.

Together with the actual data (which includes the worker who processes the transfer order) the planned workload can be transferred to Human Resources (HR) through an interface. In that component, the system can use this information to calculate incentive wages (for pickers, for example).


Settings in Customizing make the calculation of planned processing times for transfer orders very flexible. When transfer orders are created, the system uses two formulas for this calculation one for transfer order items and one for the transfer order as a whole. These formulas take the material, the stock quantity, the unit to be moved and the geographical location in the warehouse into consideration.

For information on how to set up your system to implement this task, see the appropriate section under Activities ® Transfers ® Processing Performance Data in the Warehouse Management section of the Implementation Guide (IMG).



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