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If, for example, you decide to cancel a delivery for which the transfer orders have not been confirmed yet, you first need to cancel the transfer order related to this delivery. This step is always necessary for cancelling a delivery. You cannot cancel transfer orders created from posting change notices.

If a transfer order has already been confirmed, the only way to change a goods movement to restore the original stock situation is to create a new transfer order. For an exception to this rule, see Creating a TO for a Cancelled Delivery.

When you cancel a transfer order, inventory activities associated with such transfers (such as continuous inventory during stock placement or zero stock checks) are reversed. Additionally, the system removes all updates in the relevant reference documents and storage bins.


To cancel transfer orders

  1. Choose Logistics ® Logistics Execution ® Internal Whse Processes ® Stock Transfer ® Cancel Transfer Order® Single Document from the SAP menu.
  1. Enter the transfer order number and the warehouse number on the initial screen and choose Enter.

The next screen features three tab pages:

Active work list

Inactive items

Confirmed items


Depending on the setup made in customizing for the confirmation screen and the movement type, the system may not display all three tab pages. For example, when you move a complete storage unit within the warehouse, the system only displays the active work list and the internal confirmation list. Since you are moving the entire storage unit, there is no selection column for individual items.

  1. You can select items that you do not want to cancel in the active worklist and send them to the inactive items list by selecting the Inactive button. To cancel the transfer order items in the active work list, choose Transfer order ® Post.



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