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For transfer order processing, Warehouse Management (WM) is linked to the packaging functions in shipping.

Creating a transfer order packing proposal

When you create a transfer order (TO) for a delivery, you can call up a customer exit using a shipping routine. This customer exit then finds a packing proposal for the TO items. The system then suggests what is known as free packaging with reference to the TO header.

Free packaging means handling units (HUs) without contents. This means you are not assigning specific transfer order items to the handling units. You can print the handling unit information on the transfer order documents. Pickers can then use this information to decide which and how many shipping containers (pick HUs) they need to organize for picking.

Confirming a transfer order packaging notification

When you confirm a transfer order for a delivery, you can branch to the data entry screen for packaging:

  1. From the TO item overview screen, choose Edit ® Pack ship.unit.
  2. This takes you directly to the packing screen in the shipping system for this delivery.

  3. Enter the appropriate data in the packing information fields.
  4. When you make an entry in these fields, you are simply saying, for example, "I used two standard pallets for these materials".

    If you are working with the packing proposal described above, the system suggests the handling units described in that proposal.

    Otherwise, you can enter handling units without reference to transfer order items.

  5. Once you have created handling units for a TO item, you can return to the item overview list in Warehouse Management (WM).


When you post the transfer order confirmation, the system updates both the handling units and the quantities in the delivery. Here, too, these are what we refer to as free packaging (without contents). Now you can assign delivery items to the handling unit in shipping.



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