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Confirming the TO manually

  1. To confirm a transfer order (TO) manually, choose Logistics ® Logistics Execution ® Internal Warehouse Processes ® Stock Transfer ® Confirm Transfer Order ® Single Document ® In One Step from the SAP menu.
  2. To confirm a single transfer order item, choose Logistics ® Logistics Execution ® Internal Warehouse Processes ® Stock Transfer ® Confirm Transfer Order ® Single Item ® In One Step from the SAP menu.

  3. Enter the required data.
  4. You can specify whether the transfer order is to be processed in the foreground (H) or in the background (D). (see Foreground/Background Processing)

    If the Close TR indicator is selected, the system regards the underlying transfer requirement as closed when the TO is confirmed and sets the header status to delivery completed. This prevents transfer requirements from remaining open when you want to close them. If you do not select this indicator the transfer requirement will remain open if the processed quantity is less than the required quantity.

  5. Choose Enter.

Depending on the processing option you selected, the system will either report that the transfer order has been confirmed (background processing) or display an overview of all TO items (foreground processing).

If your system settings require entering Actual Data, a dialog box appears for this purpose.

If you choose Input List on the initial screen, the system displays the following tab pages:

The system transfers each item that has been processed to the Confirmed internally tab page.

The status confirmed internally means that the confirmation has not yet been posted. If you exit the transaction before saving the transfer order, the internal confirmation will be lost and the items will be returned to the active work list.

The system transfers all items for which confirmation has been saved to this tab page.

  1. To confirm the items that are in the active work list, choose Edit ® Confirm internally.
  2. For final confirmation of the transfer order choose Transfer order ® Post.


If you set the indicator for Destination bin change during confirmation for the desired storage type in Customizing for Warehouse Management under Logistics Execution ® Warehouse Management ® Master Data ® Define Storage Type, you will be able to change the destination bin when confirming a transfer order if, for example, the destination bin proposed by the system is damaged.

No destination bin can be entered during confirmation for

Confirming the TO from the display list

  1. Choose Displaying Transfer Orders.to confirm transfer orders with the TO display task.
  2. Choose Confirm ® Transfer Order to confirm all items of a transfer order.

To confirm individual transfer order items, select the relevant items and choose Confirm ® Item.


This is useful if you do not remember a specific transfer order or when you want to confirm several transfer order items within the same task.

Confirming the TO using a scanner

When you confirm transfer order items with bar codes, you can either enter the items manually or use a bar code reader. The system automatically copies the transfer order number into the initial screen of the Confirm transfer orders transaction.



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