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When you confirm a transfer order or a transfer order item, you are verifying that the required quantity of material has actually been transferred from one location to another and that the processing of the transfer order or item has been completed.


If confirmation is required, the quantity of material transferred into or out of the warehouse is not available for use until the transfer order or item has been confirmed.


  1. You can set the confirmation requirement for a storage type by choosing the following settings in the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Warehouse Management:

You can set these indicators by choosing Master Data ® Define Storage Type and selecting the relevant storage type. We recommend that you set the confirmation indicators for most of the storage types in your warehouse.

After you set these two indicators, warehouse workers must confirm every physical transfer of material to or from the storage type. Although confirmation requires the warehouse worker to take additional steps, it provides a high degree of security and accuracy for data about the goods in the warehouse.

  1. You can set the confirmation requirement for a movement type by choosing Activities ® Transfers ® Define Movement Types and selecting the relevant movement type.


You can confirm transfer orders

You can use one of several tasks to confirm transfer orders manually. Normally you would call up the confirmation task directly. However you can also use the display tasks for transfer orders to access the confirmation task. You can use a scanner to read the information into the initial confirmation screen. For instructions on how to confirm transfer orders, see Confirming Transfer Orders.


You process differences when confirming a transfer order. This results in the update of the stock levels in WM. Afterwards, you need to clear the WM differences in IM.

Processing Options

You can specify that you want to monitor the confirmation process on your terminal or that you want the confirmation process to run in the background. If you use the confirmation task for individual transfer orders or items (the first option described above), you set the Foreground/Backgrnd field to H (foreground). If you use display tasks, you select the desired option from the menu bar for the task. Usually these options are identified as Confirm in foregrnd (foreground) and Confirm in backgrnd (background).



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