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After you have created transfer orders, you can display them, either individually or grouped together according to various selection criteria. You can use the display tasks not only to display the data but also to select transfer orders in order to confirm them.


The steps for displaying transfer orders are similar, regardless of how you want to select and group the transfer orders.

To display a transfer order, choose the following path under the SAP menu: . Logistics ® Logistics Execution ® Internal Warehouse Processes ® Stock Transfer ® Display Transfer Order.


Menu Path


Display a single document

® Single document

Enter the transfer order number, warehouse number, and choose ENTER .

You see the item list of the transfer order.

Here you see the tab pages for Source data, Destination data, General view.

All other display types

® List

® By storage type

® By material

® By storage bin

® By storage unit

Enter the required selection criteria and choose Program ® Execute.

The system displays a list of transfer orders that meet the selection criteria.


To display details, choose a TO item.

To display an individual transfer order item from the list, move the cursor to an item and choose Transfer order ® Display item. From the individual item screen, choose   Goto ® Item ® Item overview to go to the Item List screen described above.



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