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Using this business process you can create transfer orders (TOs) without a source document when transferring stock in a warehouse. This is also true for any transfer that is carried out first in WM and then later reported to IM, such as transferring pallets from production into the warehouse.


In principle, transfer orders without a source document are created in exactly the same way as transfer orders with a document. However, there is a difference. You must manually enter the information that is normally contained in the document.

Process Flow

  1. First, you enter the information that is normally transferred from the document; that is, warehouse number, movement type (999 Warehouse Administration in the standard system for the manual process), requested quantity, material and plant.
  2. Depending on the movement type, you may have to enter the requirement type and number.
  3. The contents and format of the preparation screen will vary depending upon the movement type, for example, whether you are placing goods into the warehouse or removing goods from the warehouse.
  4. You continue the processing as if you were creating a transfer order based on a transfer requirement with a single item. Refer to the sections Creating Transfer Orders for Picking Manually and Creating Transfer Orders for Putaway Manually.





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