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The WM system manages both homogeneous and mixed storage.

Homogeneous Storage

Homogeneous storage is the storage of only one material number in a storage bin. You can define a storage type so that only one material can be stored in each available storage bin.


Bulk storage areas are set up so that one line or block contains only one material number. For example, materials such as cases filled with beverages, bottled gas and pallets of cement blocks and other construction materials are stored homogeneously in bulk storage areas.

This method is preferable when large quantities of the same material are stored in a warehouse.

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Mixed Storage

When you define mixed storage for a storage type in your warehousing complex, it is possible to store two or more materials (quants) in each storage bin. There is no standard strategy in WM that automatically would place material together with another material that is already stored in a storage bin.


Mixed storage is particularly useful when you have smaller quantities of several material numbers that need to be stored in the same storage area. Often, slower moving items are stored in mixed storage areas. Homogeneous storage would not be useful here, because that would mean that only a few boxes might be stored in each storage bin.

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