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If you use Structure linkBatch Management, you can execute batch determination for picks in the Warehouse Management system (WMS) when creating transfer orders, thus optimizing your internal warehouse processes. The criteria the system uses to determine batches are relatively general (for example, a certain shelf life expiration date or a certain batch status).

If you want to take into account differentiated specifications during Structure linkbatch determination, for example from the sales order, execute the charge determination at a lower level, for example when you create the outbound delivery or when you create a production or process order. In this case, you cannot execute a new batch determination in the WMS.


We recommend executing batch determination either always in the WMS or always in an external system.


You can find information on how to activate batch determination in the Implementation Guide (IMG) under Logistics - General ® Batch Management.

To define the selection criteria for batch determination, choose Logistics ® Central Functions ® Batch Management ® Batch Search Strategy ® For Warehouse Management and Selection and Sort ® For Warehouse Management in the SAP menu.


The batches/batch quantities to be picked are generally defined in the sales order or outbound delivery. In this case, the batches that are determined are obligatory for the WMS. The task of the WMS is simply to stage the already determined batches in the pick zone.

If you activate batch determination in the WMS, batch determination automatically takes place in the background when the transfer order is created.

Batch Determination with Reference Document

Outbound Delivery

If you execute batch determination during transfer order creation and not during outbound delivery creation, you can take into account the best picking strategy from a WMS point of view. To do this, the system verifies the batches determined in the WMS in the outbound delivery.


If you create a transfer order for outbound deliveries for materials subject to valuation and materials to be handled in batches, the system only takes into account a valuation type predefined in the outbound delivery if you use batch determination in the WMS.

Batch determination runs in the background during transfer order creation. If you create transfer orders for "batch-neutral" deliveries, depending on the batch determination strategy, the system automatically selects the oldest batches in the warehouse first.

Production Order / Process Order (WM/PP Interface)

If you create transfer orders in the WMS with reference to production or process orders, you can, in the case of components subject to batch management, specify when batches to be picked should be determined. You determine when batch determination takes place using the indicator Batch entry in the material master data under the view MRP 2.

If you are dealing with Pick Parts and you have set the indicator Batch entry in the view MRP 2, the system verifies the batches that are determined in WMS in the source production or process order.

Batch Determination Without Reference Document

Batch determination takes places without a reference document in WMS when, for example, you fill picking storage bins or transfer stock within your warehouse on the basis of ABC analyses.

The search procedure for batch determination without a reference document takes into account the WMS movement type and/or the warehouse number.

Batch Determination Procedure in WMS


If you create a TO creation on the basis of a "batch neutral" request, the batch determination takes place at WMS level. Whether batch determination is executed is decided by what is know as a search procedure in the movement type or the warehouse number. In this case, the system determines access sequences based on the search procedure, which in turn, are linked to a search sequence. The system chooses a valid strategy for the batch determination.

Selection Classes

The system determines relevant batches via selection classes on the basis of predefined search criteria. Examples of possible search criteria include shelf life or batch status.


The system sorts the batches that have been found according to certain criteria (for example, SLED or date of production). The system then processes the sorted batches within transfer order creation according to the relevant picking strategy.

Batch Status Management

In batch status management, the system differentiates between batch statuses as being unrestricted or restricted. The batch status is classified as a characteristic of the batch.

You can find information on how to activate the batch status check in Warehouse Management in the Customizing for Batch Management under Batch Status Management ® Activate Batch Status Checking in Warehouse Management

Active Ingredient Management

Structure linkActive Ingredient Management is integrated into the batch determination process in WMS. The system takes into account batch-specific conversion factors between active ingredient quantities and physical material quantities, so that you can execute goods movements and stock movements for these materials based on the physical material quantity.


The system displays the active ingredient unit of measure when the transfer order is displayed, but this unit of measure is not suitable for working in the warehouse. You therefore cannot enter the active ingredient unit of measure in the system when you confirm transfer orders or for an inventory count.

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