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The possibility exists in WM to block material quants in the warehouse, for example, due to damage to stock or perhaps to reserve the stock in the warehouse on request for a specific customer.

To block quants of a specified material in the warehouse

  1. Choose Logistics ® Logistics Execution ® Internal Whse Processes ® Bins and Stock ® Block ® Stock Figures from the SAP menu.
  2. Enter a warehouse number and a material. You can leave the plant field blank or enter either a single plant or a range of plants. As additional selection criteria, you can select materials that are already blocked (for stock placement and/or stock removal) and you can specify a batch, stock category, special stock, and special stock number.
  3. To start the blocking process, choose Program ® Execute.

  4. Mark each storage bin that you want to block or unblock.
  5. To mark all bins, choose Edit ® Select all.

  6. To block the selected storage bins, choose   Block; to unblock, choose Unblock.
  7. Select the type of block, enter the blocking reason and choose Continue.
  8. Save the changes to the data base.

The system remains on the list screen and displays a message that the blocking for the material has been changed.

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