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Special Stock

Special stock is managed separately in the Warehouse Management (WM) application for reasons of ownership or for various factors reflecting the location in which they are kept. Each type of special stock is assigned a special stock indicator to aid in managing it in the system.

Special stock characteristics assigned during goods movements transactions in the IM component are displayed on WM screens and taken into consideration when processing stock in WM.

You can manage the following special stock using WM:

Individual Customer (Sales Order) Stock (E)

Individual customer (make-to-order) stock is managed in WM using a special stock number and the special stock indicator E. The special stock number is made up of the sales order number (10 digits) and the sales order item (6 digits).

Consignment Stock (K)

Stock of materials made available by the vendor and stored on the premises of the ordering party. This stock remains in the ownership of the vendor until it is removed from the warehouse and used for production purposes or taken over into the company's own valuated stock.

Consignment stock is managed in WM using a special stock number and the special stock indicator K. The special stock number for consignment stock is the same as the supplier (vendor) number.

Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP) Vendor (M)

Multi-trip packaging medium (such as pallets or containers) in which goods can be transported between vendors and customers. It is the property of the vendor and is therefore not included in the customer's valuated stock.

Project Stock (Q)

Material which is held in the warehouse for the completion of a project. For project stock, the system checks to see whether a corresponding master record exists.

System Checks

In conjunction with the special stock indicator, the system checks the length of the special stock numbers as shown below:




Special Stock

Maximum length of special

stock number


Individual customer stock

16 digits



10 digits


Returnable transport packaging vendor

10 digits


Project stock

24 digits



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