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The material master record can be displayed from various system components. For example, in the Inventory Management component, you can display the same views of the material master as is possible with Warehouse Management (WM).

To display information about a specific material assigned to your warehouse in the Warehouse Management view

  1. Choose Logistik ® Logistics Execution ® Master Data ® Material ® Material ® Display ® Display Current Status from the SAP menu.
  2. Enter a material number and choose Goto ® Select view(s).
  3. Choose the Warehouse Management view 1.
  4. To enter the plant, warehouse number and storage type data, choose Org. levels.

  5. As a minimum, you must enter a warehouse number. You can also enter the plant and storage type. To display fixed bin or replenishment information about a material, you must enter a storage type.
  6. Choose ENTER .
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