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The following topics regarding the management of stock using the SAP Warehouse Management application are addressed in this section:

Material Master Data

Defining Warehouse Data in the Material Master Record

Displaying the Material Master Record

The Quant and Stock Management in WM

Changing Quant Data

Displaying Quant Information

Types of Stock

Stock Category

Displaying Stock in the Warehouse

Blocking Stock in the Warehouse

Units of Measure

Batch Management

Shelf Life Expiration Date

Displaying Materials with a Shelf Life Expiration Date (SLED)

Storing Materials in the Warehouse

WM Interface to Inventory Management (IM)

Interim Storage Bins

Creating Interim Storage Bins with Predefined Coordinates

Order of Postings

Posting First in IM

Posting First in WM

Comparing Stock Quantities in WM and IM

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