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This topic describes a few functions that you can carry out when you display unconfirmed transfer orders using the Warehouse Activity Monitor.

When you display the hierarchical trees for unconfirmed transfer orders, you can view details for each individual item on the display list. This may assist you in finding out why a transfer order has not yet been confirmed. You can also display all detail information that is associated with the transfer order item.

Analysis Examples

For a particular transfer order, if you choose Edit ® More functions ® Information on TO the system displays detailed information that includes both stock quantities and movement data on the same screen. This is useful for data analysis.


If you display a transfer order (TO) with 10 pieces of material that has not been confirmed and the quantity to be placed into stock for a particular storage bin is 10 pieces, you can immediately see that this TO is the only TO with stock to be putaway in the storage bin.

If a storage bin is highlighted on this screen, at least one or more transfer orders have not been confirmed for the storage bin.


If 10 pieces of a material are listed for an unconfirmed transfer order but the monitor shows that 100 pieces of the same material are to be stored (status = for stock placement), then it makes no sense to send someone to the storage bin to check to see if the 10 pieces are already there because there are still 90 pieces that are to be putaway in the bin.

Previous activity

If you choose Edit ® More information ® Processing information the system displays a window with the last 10 actions regarding the item marked with the last action at the top. The user and time of the action are noted at the top of the window.

Blocking Bins

You can block source bins, destination bins and return bins.


Partial Picking with Return to Bin: If material cannot be placed into a bin for any reason, you can choose Goto ® Block storage bins to prevent any further processing while someone checks the corresponding bins.

Additional Options

If another user is processing stock in a bin or the bin itself, the system highlights that item in red and it cannot be accessed as long as it is being processed. This means that you may not always be able to use such functions as Block all bins or Confirm all bins.

If you position the cursor on red highlighted items and select Log, the system displays a message to explain why it is highlighted.



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