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For this object, the warehouse activity monitor displays inconsistencies in stock quantities that are used for material staging to production.

These critical processes can appear during the staging of materials for production orders for which fixed production bins have been defined in a control cycle. Inconsistencies can occur between the transfer requirements and the transfer requirement quantities that are updated in a reservation when


For PP/PP-PI production orders, when components are deleted or changed, the system modifies the transfer requirements automatically. For repetitive manufacturing, this automatic process is not available. As soon as this connection (and therewith, the reservation) is deleted for which transfer requirements have already been created, the transfer requirements are not modified.


The determination of such inconsistencies is important because they can lead to problems when creating transfer orders for the supply of necessary materials to production.

The warehouse activity monitor is able to determine for which materials and storage bins inconsistencies exist, therefore, making it possible for you to take necessary measures to correct potential bottlenecks in production.

Additional Functions

Using the warehouse activity monitor, you can carry out the following additional functions for materials and storage bins for which inconsistencies are found:


Unlike the other warehouse activity monitor objects, you do not need to enter any critical parameters for this monitoring function since materials and production storage bins are considered to be critical as soon as the system determines an inconsistency. This is independent of how long the inconsistency has existed.

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