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For this object, the warehouse activity monitor displays all WM-relevant deliveries for which not all items have been picked that meet one of the following conditions:


This task is used to inform warehouse administrators in a timely manner whether deliveries have been processed on schedule. This makes it possible for you to take necessary measures to ensure on-time deliveries. This task also displays deliveries that may have been overlooked.


Which of the three conditions above are used to determine whether a delivery is critical or not depends on the comparison time you define for creating the picking wave in Customizing. If you do not define a comparison time, the warehouse activity monitor uses the loading time as a reference for the critical time period. The critical time period should be defined so that sufficient time remains to take any corrective measures necessary to ensure that goods can be delivered on schedule.

For deliveries that contain both items that are picked from a WM-managed storage location as well as those that are not WM-relevant, you need to ensure that the warehouse activity monitor decides whether a delivery is critical or not exclusively from the standpoint of WM. This means that a delivery is not seen as critical if all WM-relevant items have been picked even though non-WM-relevant items exist that have not been picked within the specified time period.

A special case exists if the system selects the material staging time as the reference time because the system enters this time in both the delivery header and in the delivery item. These time periods can vary. Since the warehouse activity monitor only processes data at the header level, only the material staging time period in the delivery header is considered when calculating the critical time period.

Additional Functions

Using the warehouse activity monitor, you can carry out the following additional functions for deliveries:

You can create a transfer order for a critical delivery in the foreground or in the background.

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