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This object lists all transfer requirements which have not been fully processed within the time parameters defined in the system.


This object is used to inform you in a timely manner, that


When is a transfer requirement considered to be critical?

There are two criteria that determine whether an open transfer requirement is critical:

Depending on the business use (the warehouse number and movement type) of the transfer requirement, you can decide which criteria is to be used by the warehouse activity monitor. You can also define the critical time period depending upon the warehouse number and movement type assigned to the transfer requirement.

The first criterion should be used only if the planned date and time for the transfer requirement actually exist. Otherwise, you should use the second criterion.

Immediate Transfer Order Creation

An exception occurs when the system is setup for immediate transfer order creation. In this case, if the system fails to create the transfer order immediately, transfer requirements become critical soon after they are created because they do not have the status processed. Since immediate TO creation for transfer requirements is controlled in the movement type, you can define a second critical time period in Customizing that is only valid for transfer requirements with immediate TO creation.

If you do not define this critical time period the warehouse activity monitor uses the same criteria as for transfer requirements without immediate TO creation.

If you have defined a special critical time period for transfer requirements with immediate TO creation, the system uses the second criterion.

Additional Functions

Using the warehouse activity monitor, you can carry out the following additional functions for transfer requirements:

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