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When you display the critical processes for this object, the system lists all open transfer orders that were created but have not been confirmed within the time parameters defined in the system.


The display of unconfirmed transfer orders is used to inform you in a timely manner whether transfer orders have not been confirmed or processed correctly. If desirable, you can then check these transfer orders. Since materials are not available in the system (or for shipment to customers) until the transfer order has been confirmed, it is important to identify unconfirmed transfer orders quickly.


You can set the critical time period for the warehouse number and the movement type depending upon the business use of the transfer order.

You can define several different critical time periods for replenishment or for transfer orders for a goods receipt.

Additionally, you can define the critical time period depending upon the source and destination storage types of the transfer order.

Additional Functions

When you display a critical transfer order item, the system provides the following information in addition to the normal display data:

Using the warehouse activity monitor, you can carry out the following additional functions for transfer orders:

You can also unblock these bins. Blocking is meaningful if you need to check stock in a bin to clarify the critical status of a transfer order. This prevents the system from accessing a bin or from carrying out any processes that might change the stock situation in these bins.

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