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Batch programs have been provided to archive records in the Warehouse Management (WM) application and to reorganize tables and delete old data that is no longer needed in the system. These programs can be used to free space in the database and to provide accessible records for future reference.


For detailed information on how to use the archiving reports, see the documentation entitled BC - Application Data Archiving.


You can archive the following WM records using these reports:


In addition to reports which provide the capability to archive or safekeep records, two reports are provided that allow you to "delete" records or data which are no longer needed in WM:

These reports are to be run in batch for technical reasons. For information on how to run a report in batch, refer to the documentation ABAP/4: Creating Lists.

Resetting Inventory Data

At the beginning of a new fiscal year, the report RLREOLPQ is used to reset the inventory numbers, items, physical inventory indicators and dates in the storage bins and the inventory numbers and inventory items in the storage bin quantities.


To ensure that you have taken inventory in all storage bins, choose Inventory ® Evaluations ® Inventory status from the WM menu bar.

Deleting Multiple Processing Table Entries

With report RLRE311X, you can delete the table entries which are no longer required for multiple processing after the processing is completed. This deletes the groups themselves as well as the corresponding entries in the tables used to reference transfer requirements or delivery notes.

For 2-step picking, the reorganization of the multiple processing tables includes table T311L (Definition of the Run within a WM Group). The report separates the entries to be reorganized for normal multiple processing and those for 2-step picking. The criterion for reorganization for 2-step picking is the indicator "completed" in table T311 (Definition of the WM Group).

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