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To display the maintenance area assignments for WM tables and views that are delivered with the standard system

  1. Choose  System  ® Services  ® Table Maintenance
  2. Enter tddat in the Table field and choose Table  ®   Display
  3. Choose Assign authorization groups to tables/views.
  4. Choose Table name and/or Authorization Group.
  5. To display the WM table views together with the authorization groups and view descriptions, enter the following in the Table name field:
  6. - v_t30*

    - v_t31*

    - v_t32*

    - v_t33*

    - v_t34*

    - v_t646*

  7. To display the WM authorization groups, enter WMA, WMC, WMC1 or WMS in the Authorization group field. (If you are updating your system from a previous version, you can also enter LC in this field.)

Choose ENTER .

You can also display authorization area assignments for WM tables and views using the data dictionary information system.

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