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This function allows you to display detailed summary information for storage types, storage bin sections, and bin types on the same screen. You can also choose two- or three-dimensional graphics display for each evaluation.

In addition to providing information about the number and percentage of storage bins that are occupied in the warehouse, you can graphically display the actual percentage use of the occupied storage bins for each storage type and bin type. This enables you to closely analyze the distinction between the data provided for "occupied" and "empty" bins in your warehouse.


  1. From the SAP menu, choose Logistics ® Logistics Execution ® Internal Whse Processes ® Bins and Stock ® Display ® Capacity Load Utilization.
  2. You can choose several storage types and storage bins for a warehouse number. You can also elect to display only unblocked bins or to print the storage type overview.

  3. Enter the selection criteria and choose Program ® Execute.
  4. The system displays the storage capacity information for the storage types selected. If you want to set the indicator Print Storage Type Overview, the system will issue an overview of the selected storage types at the beginning of the list.

  5. From the storage capacity list, you have several additional options.

Required information


Call up detailed information on a storage type

Select Storage type details

Display all storage bins of a storage type

Position the cursor on the totals line in the upper section of the list and choose List of Storage Bins

Display all storage bins of a particular bin type

Position the cursor on the required bin type (BTy) and choose List of Storage Bins

Display the percentage rate of used storage bins and the capacity used in a storage type as a color graphic

Choose Graphic



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