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The bin status report gives you an overview of the storage situation. The storage bin list contains information about capacity utilization in the warehouse, the materials that are stored there, how long the articles have been in storage, and the quants that are in storage.


  1. From the SAP Menu, choose Logistics ® Logistics Execution ® Information System ® Warehouse ® Storage Bin ® Bin Status Report.
  2. Enter the selection criteria and choose Program ® Execute.
  3. The system displays whether the storage bins in the storage type that you chose are occupied or empty. If a storage bin is occupied, the system displays the material and the number of days the material has been in the storage bin.

  4. To display a storage bin record, select a storage bin from the list.
  5. The Display Storage Bin screen appears.

  6. To display quant information, select a material from the list.

The Display Quant screen appears.



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