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You can block storage bins for putaway as well as for picking. You must block any storage bins that are no longer accessible, that have been damaged or are to be renovated, or when putaways or picks are not possible.

You can block or unblock storage bins


Putaway block and picking block indicators for storage bins are only checked when you create the transfer order.

If the blocks are set after the transfer order has been created, this has no effect on the open transfer order. This is because the indicators for the transfer order confirmation are not checked again.


To block or unblock storage bins, from the SAP menu choose Logistics ® Logistics Execution ® Internal Whse Processes ® Bins and Stock ® Block.


Menu Path

What You Should Know

Blocking Bins Selectively

® Storage Bin Selection


Blocking Storage Bins on the Basis of Rows

® Range of Storage Bins

You can block and unblock the storage bins for a specific area within a warehouse number and storage type, for example, when the conveyor equipment is not working.

Blocking Storage Bins In Bulk Storage According To A Time Limit For Putaway

® In Bulk Storage

You enter the number of days after the first transfer to the row (storage bin), after which no goods can be transferred into the row (see also Time Limits for Blocks).

Blocking Storage Bins for the Whole Storage Type

® Storage Type

Set the required putaway or picking blocks and choose Save.



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