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In Warehouse Management (WM), a storage section is an organizational subdivision of a storage type that groups together storage bins with similar features for the purpose of putting away stock. The criteria for grouping bins can be defined on a user-individual basis, for example, heavy parts, bulky materials, fast-moving items, slow-moving items.


The storage section can serve as an organizational aid for putting away goods in the warehouse. If you decide on using storage types and storage sections, you must define your organizational goals. Here the physical location is often a decisive organizational factor. It is not absolutely mandatory that you subdivide a storage type into two or more storage sections. However, you must create at least one storage section for each storage type.


You may only define control parameters and control values in the storage type.

For more information on the definition of a storage section for a storage type, refer to the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Warehouse Management under the path Master Data ® Define Storage Sections


High rack storage areas frequently consist of many storage bins that vary in size. For example, in many such storage areas, the bins in the lower level are larger for especially large and heavy parts, while those in the upper levels are smaller. Often, a high rack storage area is separated into two storage sections. The front section is for fast moving items and the rear section is used for materials with a slower rate of turnover. This is depicted in the graphic below.

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