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This document is intended to assist SAP users who have disabilities and require information about accessibility features in SAP R/3 Enterprise. It includes background information such as the software environment required to take advantage of SAP accessibility features, and it describes how to use the accessibility features. It is meant as a supplement to the general Getting Started document, not as a replacement.

The primary audience for this document is SAP users with disabilities, including motor impairments and visual impairments. This document contains information for both disabled users who use assistive technologies and those who do not use assistive technologies but need full keyboard access.

Implementation Considerations

To ensure accessible use of R/3 Enterprise, you must have the software environment described here.




Although SAP R/3 Enterprise may function properly with other assistive technology software such as other screen readers or other screen magnification programs, SAPís support is currently provided for the following assistive technologies: JAWS for Windows 4.x screen reader and Magic 6.2 screen magnifier. SAP JAWS support assumes that the screen reader is used with all of the default settings.

Note that in JAWS, technical names of R/3 buttons also appear in the links list, along with any links there may be on the screen.


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