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You can also use the functions available in the automatic kanban calculation to determine the number of kanbans or the kanban quantity.

This process describes which parameters you must set in the control cycle so that the system can calculate kanban circulation itself.

Process Flow

  1. You set the calculation type. This controls whether the number of kanbans or the kanban quantity is to be calculated.
  2. You set the safety factor. This is used to buffer requirement fluctuations. It is multiplied by the result of the kanban calculation formula.
  3. You set the constant. Using the constant, you can control the signal for reporting a kanban empty as follows:

You can also use this constant to plan a safety stock.

  1. You set the calculation type. You define the calculation profile in Customizing for KANBAN. This profile simplifies the maintenance of the calculation profile as it contains the parameters mentioned above as well as the smoothing procedure for the dependent requirements (for more information on this topic, see also, Smoothing the Dependent Requirements ) and if necessary a distribution function for smoothing.
  2. You set the replenishment lead time. You can enter this time in days or in hours and minutes.
  3. For the kanban calculation, the dependent requirements planned in the supply area in which the material is required have to be calculated. Here, the system uses the supply area from the dependent requirements. To determine the supply area in dependent requirements read the section Storage Location and Supply Area Determination in the BOM Explosion) .
    If, in special cases, the supply source determination is not possible or desired for a dependent requirement, you can use the function Detailed dependent requirements selection to define any combination of plant, storage location and supply area. Here, the system then includes all dependent requirements that apply to your selection criteria in the calculation of the control cycle. The following examples are possible:


When entering the detailed dependent requirements selections, note the following: if instead of entering the complete combination of plant, storage location and supply area, you only enter the plant and storage location, for example, the system reads all dependent requirements in the plant and storage location irrespective of the supply area recorded in the dependent requirements. The same also happens if you only enter the plant. Here, the system uses all dependent requirements in the plant irrespective of the storage location and the supply area.

To access the detailed dependent requirements selection, choose Goto ® Dependent reqmts selection. The dialog box, "Detailed Dependent Requirements Selection" appears where you can make your entries.

You carry out the calculation and evaluation or copy using the function Automatic Kanban Calculation .





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