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The replenishment strategy defines how replenishment between the supply source and the demand source is to be organized in the control cycle.

This process describes how you can define the replenishment strategy in the control cycle, i.e. how you can assign a replenishment strategy type to a material.


First of all you must define the appropriate replenishment strategies in Customizing. See Create Replenishment Strategies .

Process Flow

Proceed as follows to maintain the replenishment strategy (this defines the supply source):

  1. In the control cycle maintenance screen (Control cycle ® Create) in the tab page Replenishment strategy, choose how replenishment is to take place:
  1. In the Strategy field, enter the key for the strategy you want to use.
  1. Choose Continue.
  2. Depending on the strategy you selected, you must fill out certain fields that specify the source:
  1. Save your data.



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