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The SAP Logon is the Windows program that you use to log on to SAP Systems on Windows PCs. It mediates between the SAP System and the SAPgui user interface. The SAP Logon displays a list of available SAP Systems and automatically selects servers with the best current response times. You can add available systems or servers to this menu.


When you log on to the SAP System, you can:


From Release 4.6A, when you log on to the SAP Logon, the SAP Logon icon is displayed in the system tray of the system taskbar (in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen). You can maximize or minimize the SAP Logon by clicking the icon using the left mouse button.

If you click the icon using the right mouse button, you can display a list of connections to SAP Systems that are already open.

From 4.6A you can also use the mouse to increase the size of the SAP Logon. This enables you to see all of the following information:

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