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Via the WM-PP interface, you can place goods from production immediately into your WM-managed warehouse. In doing so, the system posts a goods receipt in Inventory Management (MM-IM) for the finished material on confirmation of the production order, and creates a quant in the WM-managed warehouse in the interim storage area for goods receipts from production.


The WM-PP interface is active.


Automatic Goods Receipt

You can define in the production order, via the control key of an activity, that the system automatically posts the goods receipt of the finished material in the WM-managed warehouse on confirmation of the activity. Posting then also occurs on partial confirmation.

You activate automatic goods receipt in the production control key by setting the indicator Automatic Goods Receipt. Retrograde consumption posting of the staged components occurs on confirmation of the production order, and the system automatically creates a transfer order for putaway.

Manual Goods Receipt

You can trigger the goods issue of the finished goods manually. In doing so, you post a goods receipt for a production order in Inventory Management.


In the standard system, you use the IM movement type 101 for goods receipts from production. WMS movements type 103 is assigned to this IM movement type in the standard system.

With this movement type, the finished material is placed in the interim storage type 901 in the WM-managed warehouse with the GI posting. The system generates a posting change notice. You create a transfer order (TO) in the WMS for the putaway, based on the TR.

For more information, see Structure linkPerforming a Goods Receipt.

Putting Away Handing Units (HUs) from Production

You can also implement the WM-PP interface in connection with Handling Unit Management. You put away goods finished in production into your HU-managed storage location in the form of handling units after confirmation of the production order.


Note that if the HU number for the material to be put away is not yet known, the system creates an inbound delivery for a posting change from storage location to storage location during the GI posting in Inventory Management.

If the HU number for the material to be put away is known, the system does not create an inbound delivery, but rather a material document for the stock transfer from storage location to storage location.

You can put away a HU in a WM-managed storage location in the following ways:

Select the stock transfer view Storage unit on the initial screen.

If you set the indicator Mail Control for Background Processing for the movement type, the system sends a mail if an error occurs.

If you have set up the system accordingly, it does not take the entry in the column TR Create Transfer Requirement into account.



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