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It is possible to process kanban signals that have been entered into the system by a barcode scanner, using an instrument with both a barcode scanner and a display. This allows you to process errors on site, for example, if you encounter errors when setting a status.

For this purpose, existing screens in the KANBAN component have been changed into character screens with the SAPConsole, so that they can be displayed on a data entry instrument. This means that it is not necessary to use external middleware to convert the screen.

For additional information see Mobile Data Entry.



In Customizing for Logistics Execution under Mobile data entry ® Define menu management you have defined a main menu for KANBAN or you use the SAP KANBAN menu, which is under the warehouse number.

In Customizing for Logistics Execution under Mobile Data Entry ® RF Queue Management ® Assign User to Queues you have assigned your users the dynamic main menu for KANBAN or your self-defined main menu.


In the field Status, set the indicator so that the user is active for mobile data entry.

The warehouse number used in menu management must match the warehouse number used for assigning the user to queues. This is simply necessary for technical reasons; the warehouse number does not have any other significance for KANBAN in this process. You can fill the field Queue, as you like, as it is unimportant for the KANBAN process.


  1. On the Logon Screen select a display format and then choose F1-Save.
  2. This takes you to the screen RF Menu.

  3. Choose the number of the process you desire and then choose F4-Con.
  4. All processes run, just as if you were not using an instrument for mobile data entry.

  5. To log off, choose F8-L.off

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Reset the data entered


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Log off



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